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Sunny times ahead

Wheter flat or vacuum tube collectors, whether for domestic hot water and /or heating water, the WIKORA solar range offers a multitude of combinations to create your individual solar installation according to your specific requirements and needs.

WIKORA flat plate collectors feature a powerful and efficient aluminium plate absorber with a special selective surface. They feature a sturdy, lightweight, extruded aluminium profile frame, 4 Cu-tube connections (∅ 18 mm), as well as an all-round fastening for rails, enabling fast and easy installation.

■ Suitable for roof, flat roof and roof-integrated mounting
■ Inclination of 25-60°
■ Flexible positioning (vertical and horizontal)
■ Serial connection of 6 collectors per collector field
■ High operational reliability
■ 10 years warranty


DescriptionWIKOSUN 2010WIKOSUN 2510
Collector gross surface1,98 m²2,47 m²
Aperture surface1,87 m²2,32 m²
Dimensions (L x W x D)1740 x 1140 x 75 mm2170 x 1140 x 75 mm
Weight32 kg40 kg
Efficiencyn0 = 74,4 %n0 =76,1 %
Peak Power1380 Watt / collector1750 Watt / collector
Capacity antifreeze1,15 l1,33 l
Max. working / testing pressure10 bar10 bar
Stagnation temperature DIN 4753-3179 °C197 ° C


The WIKORA Heatpipe WIKOSUN HP 2340 / 1240 features hailstone safe boron silicate hard glass tubes with efficient copper absorbes with a special selective TINOX surface. The manifold casing consists of aluminum extruded profiles and is insulated inside with compressed mineral wool. 

Also available as balcony module WIKOSUN HP 1240

■ Suitable for roof and flat roof mounting
Increased hail resistance class 3 (Swiss hailstorm register)
■ Inclination of 5-90°
■ Serial connection of 15 up to 90 tubes
High yields even in low sunlight
High operational safety
Long service life - no glass-to-metal connection
Full glass construction of the vacuum tube
Indirect vacuum tube collector (heat pipe principle)
All-round 3-layer absorber coating
2-shell insulation system of the collector pipe
Indicator layer for functional control
Easy installation thanks to proven Quick-Snap system


HP 2340
HP 1240
Number of tubes1515
Collector gross surface2,34 m²1,24 m²
Absorber surface3,59 m²1,43 m²
Dimensions (L x W x D)1964 x 1190 x 133 mm987 x 1190 x 133 mm
Weight48 kg48 kg
Efficiency74,55 %
Capacity antifreeze1,15 l0,84 l
Max. working 10 bar10 bar
Stagnation temperature DIN 4753-3227 °C227 °C




WIKORA solar tanks are especially designed for use in combination with solar.

■ Particularly large solar heat exchangers
■ Can be optionally upgraded with an electric heater or an electric heating
    flange respectively
■ High flexibility
■ Easy handling
■ Efficient thermal insulation
■ Individal product solutions on demand

Overview WIKORA solar tanks

The Wikora product range is completed with the appropriate solar heating accessories.

■ Mounting and connection accessories
■ Solar controllers
■ Solar pump groups
■ Expansion vessels
■ Solar liquid etc.

All components can be combined to create complete, perfectly coordinated systems.

Wikora facts

For households and large installations
Maximum system efficiency
High operational reliability
Easy to install
Solar Keymark certified